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financial control at your fingertips. You can download the app from the Apple store for iPhone users and Playstore for Android devices.


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From there, you can setup your recurring bills and subscriptions, create as many accounts as you need to run your financial life effortlessly!

Effortless multiple accounts management

You can create multiple wallets each with it's own unique account number and use them to manage your business processes better. All from a simple app.

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Simple request and approval flow for all your payment

Control every expense from request and approval to payment and reconciliation.


Put all your recurring payments on autopilot and manage them as simple as your calendar

Set routine bills payment, funds transfer, airtime recharge or even customer receivables on auto pilot.

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Group your expenses and run it when it’s time

Be it salary disbursement or bulk airtime recharge, you can group your business expenses into a single plan and run it whenever you like.

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Invite your Staff & Team mates to Collaborate

With Payed Collaborations, You can manage your finances as a team. Invite your staff and team mates, assign transaction permissions as you see fit.

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“I've been using Payed since the beta version and I've come to depend on the expense plans to run my monthly expenses and the recurring feature to automatically take care of my loved ones”

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You won’t be joining bad company. Lots of people use Payed everyday to get transactions done.